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Quartz Gemstones
Quartz Gemstones, which are clear and multicolored, belong to the crystalline silicon oxide family. These exquisite gemstones are widely applied in jewelry and other decorative goods; owing to their special hardness and brilliance, they figure frequently both ornamentally as well as spiritually.
Precious Beads
Precious Beads are gemstone spheres, which incorporate meticulous craftsmanship into the natural beauty of beautiful stones. Selected with great care, these beads are symbols of cultural heritage and personal adornment.
Aquamarine and Morganite
Aquamarine and Morganite beautiful gemstoned of blue green hues with their soft shades of pink to peach really says elegant. The Aquamarine and Morganite stones are treasured for their appearance are commonly used in different jewelry designs.
Semi Precious Beads
Known for their aesthetic appeal and natural geological properties, Semi Precious Beads come in a wide assortment of lovely colours. These elegant beads, with their multicolored hues and array of patterns, are beautiful raw materials used in the making of exceptional jewelry.
Gemstone Earrings
Gemstone Earrings are accessories of the sophisticated sort, strung with precious or semi-precious stones, complementing any attire. Featuring gemstones radiating pure beauty, these exquisite earrings are especially attractive to those who want a delicate, yet lively jewelry that can finish their style in style.
The OPAL stones are one of the world's loveliest gemstones, due to within their translucent depths lurks a dazzling array of ever-changing hues. These offered stones, making full use of their own unique opalescence, enrapture admirers with beautiful iridescent colors.
Aquamarine Stones
Aquamarine Stones are one of the most beautiful gemstones, with blue tints spanning from a pale sky color to a rich ocean shade. They are beryl, and their name derives from the Latin words aqua (water) and marina (sea), which is a very appropriate description of this gem's enchanting marine appearance.
Tourmaline Stone
Tourmaline Stone, famous for its bewitching gamut of hues, is a family of crystalline boron silicate minerals with unusual electrical props. Buy these natural stones by the ton at a reasonable price.
Aquamarine Stone
Aquamarine Stone gems are a type of beryl mineral prized for their silky blue-green hues, green as the waveless ocean. Known for their calming aura, aquamarine stones are regularly used in ornaments and jewelry.
Rainbow Moonstone
Rainbow Moonstones are beautiful gemstones made of star-like radiance which resembles the silvery light from the moon. These smooth and iridescent feldspars bedazzle with its fragile shine, reflecting the many shades of grey which remind one of moonlit nights.

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